• Los Angeles Times – "ISA has much to recommend it… its dreamy rhythms and creamy images, the way it merges the everyday into the uncanny."

  • io9: "ISA Is the One Syfy Movie You Won't Want to Miss"

  • The Mary Sue: "[J]ust the right mix of surreal creativity and calm mundanity… plays expertly with the theme of migration and duality."

  • Nuke the Fridge: "[M]ore clever and thought provoking than the average television horror or science fiction film can offer."

  • Constantly Calibrating: "ISA shows off one of the trippiest, and arguably most accurate view of what the average dreamscape is like for most people."

  • Alex Rivera, writer/director of Sleep Dealer: "ISA is wonderful in so many ways... dynamic, visually wild and inventive, fun, thought-provoking."