Jeanette SamanoIsa Reyes
All-American girl. A fast runner, a faster mind. When she’s thrown into her own dreams, will she be brave enough to confront her true identity?
SabiNataly Gomez
Brassy, loyal, real. Can she protect her best friend Isa when danger comes for them?
Eric Ochoa (SUPEReeeGO)Jaime Diaz
Soft eyes, hard lines. No one ever expected him tobe a hero.
Ana LayevskaDedál
Genius, scientist, psychopath. She wants what’s inside Isa’s head. And she’ll kill for it.
Timothy DelaghettoBig Boy
Smarter than he wants you to think he is.
Khotan FernandezBorroso
Animal. Vegetable. Mineral. Monster.
Fernando AllendeMr. Gros
Billionaire. Bastard. Buys low, sells high. Steals dreams, reaps profits. Blood on his hands.
Rebecca ManriquezTia Maria
Blind, faithful, loves her niece Isa so much she'd rather lie than lose her.
Ruben MoralesTio Jose
The father Isa never had, a loving family man broken by their dark secret.
Tony VelaRamirez
El guero. Favorite task: taking the body bags out to the forest. He likes the fresh air.
Adrian CarvajalJimenez
El lindo. Favorite task: grooming the children. They're so still, unconscious, he can finish all 18 of them in a single day.